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Happy Endings
ManuelManuel was one of the sweetest, cuddliest, endearing cats I have ever taken in, and was a real pleasure to foster. He was a stray who came off worse for ware, when sneaking into someone else's cat flap to steal the food, as he was starving. He soon made up for it here, eating as much food as he could manage and very quickly blossomed into a really handsome cat with a prize fluffy tail, ending in a large white powder puff, which he proudly holds high.
He's gone to a super new home now, joining two lady cats. He was always very sweet with other cats, accepting them straight away, that's the reason he was chosen for this home, well that, and because he is so handsome. He's new Mum and Dad really love him and judging by the photo, he really loves them!
Peter & Patch
Peter & PatchPeter and Patch were returned to us when their owner’s marriage broke up. Sue their remaining owner who desperately cared about them and wanted to keep them, was unable to find a flat where pets were allowed, so reluctantly she had to bring them back to us after she had had them
for four years.
We actually had these two adorable cats for nine months, before the really right home came along. Peter and Patch were both F.I.V. and therefor required an indoor home, not always easy to find. One did eventually come along, a wonderful place for them and they are both enjoying a loving home life once again. They are such sweeties, and as you can see by the photograph, they have both settled in really well. They are two of the lucky ones, because when we first took in these cats, some of the other charities were still putting down F.I.V cats.
It was a bitterly cold day when I received the 'phone call asking for help, for a pathetic, thin and bald cat, who the lady thought was probably old. She was moving out of her flat early the next morning, and had been worried about this poor little scrap, when she had noticed him hanging around the dustbins at the rear of her flats. She had given him some food, which he had bolted down & asked for more. I couldn't do anything then as the vets was closed, but the lady said she would take him to our vets early the next morning, and in the meantime promised to put him in her bathroom for the night, as she had two rather unfriendly cats of her own. She kept her word and took him there the next morning, thank goodness, because the day after it snowed! Luckily we had had an offer from a lovely couple to foster for us, as they had lost their own cat, and were making plans to join their daughter in New Zealand, so getting a replacement was out of the question.
The staff at the vets fell in love with him, he was so cute, and not old at all, only about three, but in a terrible state. His backbone stood out and he was almost completely bald, with curly whiskers, like a rex cat and the friendliest little chap. We took him along to his foster home and they fell in love with him straight away. He's been there several weeks now and he now has fur and loves to sleep on a cushion in front of the fire. Plans have now changed, we think in all probability Archibald (as we named him) will be moving to New Zealand too, he really is the centre of attention, what a lucky boy he is now.
Frankie & Wulfie
Frankie & WulfieOriginally called Marmaduke and Inky two of the kittens from Mimi’s litter Aug last year. As you can see they certainly have fallen on their feet and get on so well with the resident dog Bella. All three of them sleeping on the sofa together. Wulfie and Frankie are in charge. How sweet, happy and calm they look. Another lovely home for two special kittens.
RascalRascal another one of the kittens from Mimi’s litter was homed to another member of the family that had Wulfie & Frankie. His name was Toffee but now called Rascal he went to live with their resident cat named Ginge a Ginger & White male just like Rascal and they get on so well. Unfortunately we don’t have an up to date photo of them together but Rascal has settled in well and he too has a very special home.
SweetieSweetie was the little tortie, who was left bewildered and lonely when her lovely Mum Elsie passed away. She came into our care shortly after, her son having been adopted by one of the family. He was good with other cats, Sweetie was not, she didn't even like her own son, so for that reason we had to re-home her as an only cat. She was with us for several months before that special home came along. Now Sweetie is settled in a very similar home to what she had been used to, where she is very much loved once again. It was almost like a continuation of her previous life, where she continues to sleep on the bed and cuddles up to the lady. I think Elsie would be very happy with this home for
Sweetie, who knows, maybe she was looking out for her, I hope so.
BernieOn Guy Fawkes Night a little black cat with a white bib turned up at our back door. We only noticed him because Nigel, our 12 year old cat, suddenly stopped eating and looked alarmed having spotted something through the back door. My husband James and I initially thought he was frightened by the fireworks being set off in a garden a few doors down but when we turned the light off in the room we saw the little cat silently meowing with his paws against the glass looking at Nigel, then at his bowl of food.
Our first thought was how irresponsible his owners were to leave him out on Bonfire Night but he didn't seem at all bothered by the loud firework explosions. He was still there two hours later when we went to bed so I went outside to take a closer look at him. I picked him up for a cuddle and found him to be very thin, with little shoulders like razors. He purred very loudly and was extremely affectionate. We figured that he'd wandered from home and perhaps had been startled by a firework and sought shelter in our garden. But the next morning he was still at our back door, meowing quietly and again looking at Nigel, then at his food bowl, then at us.
James was off work that day so set to work phoning local and national cat rescues to see what the advice was and whether it was possible to get the little cat collected. The RSPCA said under no circumstances to feed the little cat and to leave him as he would wander home. Too late - I'd already put down a bowl of food which the little cat had inhaled. He finished off the second bowl in record timing and also a bowl of cat biscuits which showed he hadn't eaten in quite some time. I couldn't go to work and leave him starving.
During his calls with various animal charities and cat rescues that morning, James kept getting the same distressing message.... they were all full or overflowing with abandoned cats and no space could be made for another one. Battersea Cats Home weren't taking any more cats until the Christmas influx in December! Another rescue criticised the RSPCA's advice and told us to keep feeding him so he didn't starve. We could tell that the little cat in our garden had previously worn a collar but the rescues were telling James again and again that he had probably been abandoned by owners who could no longer afford to keep him or no longer wanted him.
James took him to our veterinary practice, The Laurels, to see if the friendly little creature was micro chipped. The Laurels confirmed that he wasn't micro chipped or neutered and that he was probably less than a year old. James was also advised that the cat had mild cat flu, an eye infection and he probably hadn't been inoculated either. By this time, the friendly, skinny little abandoned black cat with a white bib and new friends in James and the team at The Laurels had a name - Bernie!
The Laurels contacted Orpington Cat Rescue to see if they could help. Peitra from OCR later called James directly. Sadly there was no space for another kitty right now but she was the first person James had spoken to at an animal rescue who gave sound advice and some practical help. She arranged with The Laurels that Orpington Cat Rescue would cover the cost of micro chipping, neutering, inoculation and any treatment that Bernie needed plus a name collar should he go wandering and even a catnip mouse to play with! After all this adventure and a 'cute assault' on the part of Bernie, there was no way that he was going to take up permanent residence in our garden. Bernie now lives in our home with us. He is in great health, with a lovely coat, a warm bed, plenty to eat and lots of Love and cuddles. Nigel, our senior cat, is not hugely enamoured with his new housemate but we are taking the introductions slowly, giving Nigel plenty of fuss and space to call his own and we hope that the day will come when they are both tolerant of one another. We don't know how long Bernie was scavenging and living outdoors but based on how skinny and hungry he was, it must have been a while. Whatever brought Bernie to our back door, we're delighted he found us and he is a very happy addition to our home.
Loujon & Bijou
Loujon & BijouYou may remember the story of Loujon and Bijou the two kittens I hand reared last year I am pleased to say they went to a lovely home to a young couple in Bexley and here is her story below.

Loujon and Bijou came to us on a Sunday afternoon in February - they were timid little things who immediately ran behind the sofa, only poking their heads out when they thought we weren't looking! We soon won them round though, and within a few days they had settled into their new home and routine. We have now had them for just over 2 months and they are different cats from the little nervous ones who came home with us! Loujon is a really cheeky boy who loves his cuddles and comforts; Bijou adores being outside chasing bees and flies! They are so affectionate and love nothing more than curling up for a nap at the end of the bed - Loujon sometimes even gets under the covers and puts his head on the pillow with me! They love chasing the laser pen dot around and they really enjoy eating Dreamies! They are so contented and always purring away... I'm sure every cat owner says this but there are no cats in the world loved more than Loujon & Bijou and we are looking forward to many happy years with them!
Thomas & Barney
Barney & ThomasWe are pleased to say that Thomas & Barney have now been homed after a long wait of 10 months these poor fellas were so nervous that they needed a special home where they would be given so much time & patience to blossom. I couldn’t believe my ears when a lady called Jo telephoned me to say she was interested in them and wanted to come and see them. She had a cat already and Thomas & Barney loved other cats as so many had come and gone in the time they were with me sharing their cat house from kittens to adults excepting every single one of them. I did the home check and Jo came with her mum to see them a couple of days later. They hid as usual and I was sure she would turn them away just like everyone else had. But no she said I love them there so pretty & when could she take them so no time like the present I said my goodbyes to them and off they went in the baskets. I took them to their new home which is not very far from me only a 5 minute drive. Jo lives in an extremely quiet cul-de-sac her patio doors open out onto a very large communal garden. So once they had settled she could let them out and they would be safe if she did have trouble getting them in as they are such nervous cats. It was decided they would be kept in for minimum of a 3 months. Jo is very pleased with them and said they are still very close sleeping together, washing each other sitting in the armchair by the patio doors.
We did have a slight misshape Jo had a plumber round to fix her boiler and he left the door open a ajar by mistake and both Thomas & Barney got out but she had had them 4 weeks and I was not worried at all I knew if she kept feeding them and being such a quiet location they would come in eventually. Barney came back in after 10 days but Thomas who is the friendliest a bit longer. They never went far just stayed around the communal gardens as I went there couple of times to try and help coax them indoors.
They were just making up for lost time being confined to the cattery for so long.
I couldn’t have wished for such a lovely home for them and it was worth the wait for them both.
So THANK YOU Jo for making two lovely cats very happy.                                                                                           © Orpington Cat Rescue