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Our website is updated as much as possible but we have new cats coming and going all the time so if there doesn’t appear to be anything suitable at the moment, please give us a call 0208 309 1571 or 07799 264510

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Black Cats
Black cats and black & white cats often get overlooked in favour of ‘prettier’ colours
Give a black & white cat or a black cat a chance!

Shrinking Violets
Nervous cats often too get overlooked, yet they can be the most loyal pets given time. Earning their love and trust can be very rewarding.

Indoor Cats
Want a cat, but live in a flat? Some cats can be better suited to the indoor life: cats with FIV, deaf cats, blind cats, very nervous or elderly cats, or simply cats that have previously been used to living indoors.
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SammiSammi was un neutered and became a stray. We located his owners 6 years later! In that time the owners had taken on a dog and so when Sammi was found they didn’t want him back. Sammi loves a fuss and would be better in a home as an only pet. He is a little nervous to start with but once he gets to know you, he will adore your attention and flop for fussing. He loves to chat and extremely vocal which makes him even more endearing and love him even more. He has adapted well in a home environment considering he lived on the streets for 6 years poor boy! But he doesn't like othe cats. Sammi is approx. 9 years old, neutered, worm, de flead, vaccinated and chipped. Please tel 07799 264510.
Tutti Frutti, Tootsie & Yum Yum
Tutti FruttiTootsieYum YumMeet Tutti Frutti, Tootsie & Yum Yum. NOW 5 MONTHS OLD.

Tootsie is black and white, he was found by a kind dog walker he had been dumped in a woods in terrible weather conditions pouring rain with no shelter except bushes all alone at only 6 weeks old! He had fleas, worms, ear mites and under weight, poor wee soul. How could anyone be so irresponsible. After his treatment over a few weeks he was delayed with being able to go to a new home. But he has blossomed into a healthy little fella. He has always been an affectionate boy snuggling in your neck and purrs continually he absolutely adores attention but also has that mischievous character like a normal kitten. Whilst he was being treated we received another call for a kitten who had been abandoned on the streets in a box. This little fella we named Tutti Frutti he is a longhaired tabby approx 9 weeks old when abandoned but after a full vet check he was placed with Tootsie as a companion. The first 24 hours Tutti Frutti was scared but soon the pair of them bonded and absolutely love running around and playing. What a purr fect match. Tutti Frutti likes a cuddle and is friendly too. A cute little fella. He was underweight when he came to us but has blossomed into a beautiful fluff ball. Now Approximately 5 months old like Tootsie and healthy.

Yum Yum another beautiful friendly black female kitten, she is a confident girl, she likes to be fussed and cuddled and loves her food. Yum Yum is a little monkey and loves to get up to mischief, just like Tutti Frutti and she gets on extremely well with Tutti Frutti. She too is Approximately 5 months old


All three are now 5 months old fully vaccinated, Chipped, Wormed, de flead and neutered.

Please call 07799 264510 if you are able to offer a loving home, are home part of the day and live on a quiet road. Homecheck, donation apply.
OreoOreo was a stray searching for food and desperately trying to find shelter. She is extremely friendly, playful and gentle natured she loves affection and craves company. Oreo is 7 months old spayed, fully vaccinated, Chipped, Wormed and de flead.
Meet gorgeous Baloo. Approximately 6 years old Now looking for his forever home.

This fella was a stray for quite some time. We neutered, Chipped, wormed and de flead early last year but we didn't have space to take him in so he was returned and the lady who alerted us about his situation agreed to keep feeding him and providing shelter outside until we had a space. But Baloo disappeared after being neutered and returned back to the lady. We knew one day he would appear again because of his chip. Unfortunately, it wasn't how we expected and we received a call from our vets to say a member of the public found Baloo in terrible condition and a injury to his eye. Poor Baloo he must have been in so much pain for so long. He had been SHOT and his eye was popping out, infected, Swollen, crusty wounds. He had a bloated tummy, bald patches and under nourished. How long he had endured this pain and discomfort the vets advised months!. Thank goodness some kind person took Baloo to a vet and thank goodness we chip all our rescues. Here are some photos of Baloo. Baloo has now recovered from his eye removal. How could anyone do this atrocious act of cruelty to such a friendly beautiful creature. Baloo is amazing he is so trusting of humans and a fantastic boy. He craves attention loves his food. Poor Baloo he can be clumsy and mis-judges jumping due to only having one eye but he is learning. We love him dearly and you really cannot stop yourself cuddling him, he just melts your heart and making up for lost time after living on the streets for so long. We are so grateful he was handed in. We are looking to possibly home him with Oreo for company as they get on very well.

Baloo needs a safe garden or a patio/run outside as he really has a vision impairment with judging who's around him let alone cars! and we would worry for his safety. Could you offer this amazing boy a home and little 7 month old Oreo.

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