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Our website is updated as much as possible but we have new cats coming and going all the time so if there doesn’t appear to be anything suitable at the moment, please give us a call on 07799 264510

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Black Cats
Black cats and black & white cats often get overlooked in favour of ‘prettier’ colours
Give a black & white cat or a black cat a chance!

Shrinking Violets
Nervous cats often too get overlooked, yet they can be the most loyal pets given time. Earning their love and trust can be very rewarding.

Indoor Cats
Want a cat, but live in a flat? Some cats can be better suited to the indoor life: cats with FIV, deaf cats, blind cats, very nervous or elderly cats, or simply cats that have previously been used to living indoors.
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bayeyMeet 1 year old Bakey all black and sleek and a real character. Loves to chat adores his food and takes the packet from your hand. He loves catnip toys and balls and full of energy and fun. He knows what he wants Mr confident. Bakey was signed over to Orpington cat Rescue due to owners involved in an accident and unable to care for Bakey anymore. Bakey has now been Neutered, Vet checked, wormed, deflead, microchipped and fully vaccinated. Bakey needs to be homed in a safe road with no other pets as he definitely wants to be the boss.
Please call 07799 264510
Mack and Lady - mother and son
Safe road or a spacious indoor home
No children (Lady is too nervous)

MackMack: Well what a cracking little fella. Mack is so affectionate, adorable and vocal boy. Poor wee Mack his skin in appalling condition from fleas, causing sores to become infected, wounds & bald over 50% of his body, neck, tail and legs. Thin and generally in poor condition. After long term antibiotics and steroid treatment he has completely transformed with his wounds, sores now healed, his fur returning all fluffy and thick. He has gained weight and now ready for his new home. He doesn't like other cats. But adores his mum Lady. He is full of energy and craves attention. A cracking cat and will make a great companion. He can be a little clumsy and not street wise so a safe road is needed for him or we would consider an indoor home with plenty of space and stimulation. Mack has been fully vaccinated, Vet checked, wormed, de-flead, Micro-chipped and now neutered. He is approximately 9 years old.
LadyLady: This sweet natured slightly nervous girl was not in the best of conditions with a skin allergy when she came to us. She was owned in a multi cat household but never got on with the other cats it was all to much for her to cope with and she lived permanently outside. Except she loves her son Mack.
Lady is a lovely little cat she is a little nervous and needs a quiet home but with time and patience for her to settle she will blossom. Her skin condition has now been treated and responded well with flea treatment, antibiotics and steroids. Lady is approximately 10 years old has been vet checked, wormed, de-flead, fully vaccinated, spayed and chipped.
Please call 07799 264510
PeterPeter is 6 years old, extremely nervous and needs a home where he will be the main focus in their life. A huge amount of patience, time and energy is required. Peter is so nervous and worried of people and literally hides for very long periods of time. He will be a huge challenge but Peter is not the first cat that has come through our doors who is like this but been turned around with hard work, Patience and plenty of time. He needs a very quiet home and no other pets or children. Sadly Peter was diagnosed at a very young age with Calicivirus so doesn't have many teeth and in stressful situations his calicivirus can flare up. For this reason and his nervous behaviour doesn't help being able to get him in a basket to get to the vets. Peter's ongoing treatment would be paid for by Orpington cat Rescue so his new owners would need to live within a reasonable distance from our vets the Laurels in Bromley and we can also be on hand to help if needed to get him in a basket.
All we ask is the new owners pay for his food, Litter, Treats, worm and flea treatment as standard with owning any cat.
Calicivirus is under control and to look at him he looks a very healthy cat, his coat and beautiful face just makes your heart melt and want to just scoop him up and cuddle him. Sadly Peter has never experienced this as he was originally in a home with not the best environment for a cat to live in. Because of this he was never worked with regarding his nervous behaviour. Sadly his owner died and we took on two of the seven cats in the house.
Peter's future will be very bleak if we cannot re-home him as he cannot stay here at the centre because of his calicivirus which is transferable via saliva, droplets and sneezing to other cats. Calicivirus is controlled with antibiotics and vaccines and most cats live a very long life with this condition. Peter eats very well, uses a litter tray.
Can you offer Peter a home where he can feel safe, work on his extremely nervous behaviour and let Peter live his life at his pace and terms. We know this sounds a very big ask but we know there are people out there who can give and meet all his needs.
We hope that offer will come very soon as a life living in the cattery is not for any cat acceptable let alone a extremely nervous cat.
Peter has been neutered, wormed, de-flead, fully vaccinated, chipped and vet checked.
Please share and help this poor wee soul to find his forever home. Thank you
  Please still get in touch with us if you are looking for a new kitty to be part of your family. We may not have many cats listed but we are always able to put you on our waiting list or put you in touch with other rescue cats in need.
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