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Homing a Cat
Thank you for applying to adopt a cat from Orpington Cat Rescue.

Its not possible to keep our website updated with cats for homing as they come and go so quickly.

The most important process for securing the cats into suitable homes is taking into consideration the temperament, past history and medical needs.

Our main concern is that our cats should go to permanent new homes where they will be cared for and happy, for the rest of their lives. We give you all the available advice and information regarding the cat you have chosen, and also offer you help and advice after adoption.
To make sure cats are not returned its important to answer the questions fully and honestly on the adoption application form so that we can match each cat to a suitable new owner. Please think carefully about your decision, as we consider that you either know you can cope with a cat or you can’t.
Orpington Cat Rescue may refuse the right to adopt a cat without giving a reason.
All cats remain the property Orpington Cat Rescue, and are adopted at our discretion.

Please complete and send us the adoption application form and we will contact you within 48 hours.

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